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Wedding Decorations For Rent

Your wedding means many things; love, celebration and a once in a lifetime gathering of friends and family to witness your commitment to your partner. A wedding also means a good bit of wedding planning, as any previous bride will tell you. A lot of detail is involved in arranging your…

Heavy Equipment Rental Firm Makes Leadership Move

BlueLine Rental announced on Wednesday, June 4th the appointment of Phillip H. Hobson as CEO. Mr. Hobson will replace Scott Hall, who left the company earlier in the week. 

Mr. Hobson will join BlueLine Rental from Mobile Mini, Inc., a leading provider of portable storage solutions, where he served as Executive Vice President, Operations. Prior to Mobile Mini, Mr. Hobson was a senior executive at RSC Holdings Inc. until the business was acquired by United Rentals in 2012. RSC was one of the largest equipment rental providers in North America with revenue of $1.5 billion and more than 400 locations. 

“I am excited to join the team and look forward to working with customers, employees and other partners to help BlueLine reach its potential,” said Mr. Hobson. “We have a tremendous opportunity to build on the strength and experience of the past while establishing our own identity and propelling the company to even higher levels of achievement.” 

BlueLine Rental, previously Volvo Rents, was acquired in January by Platinum Equity. The BlueLine Rental brand identity was launched in February following the transition to new ownership.

Hobson’s Experience at RSC Cited 

“Phil’s experience at RSC is a perfect fit for BlueLine. He is passionate about the rental equipment business and is well respected in the industry. His track record at RSC and throughout his career proves that he knows what it takes to build an industry leader,” said Louis Samson, the Partner at Platinum Equity who led the BlueLine Rental acquisition. “We will work with Phil and the management team to help the business grow both organically and through prospective complementary add-on acquisitions.” 

Mr. Hobson joined RSC in 1998 and spent 14 years at the company in a variety of operational and financial roles, ultimately serving as a member of the company’s executive leadership team reporting to the CEO.

“We have high aspirations for BlueLine, and we are confident that Phil is the right executive to help the company maximize its potential,” said Bryan Kelln, Partner and President of Portfolio Operations for Platinum Equity. “He has the vision, leadership ability and industry experience necessary to lead the company into the future. He will help drive efforts to optimize business operations and profitability, while focusing on growth and effectively managing the company’s young fleet.” 

BlueLine Rental serves a diverse customer base across multiple industries, including construction, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, infrastructure, power, and metals and minerals.

Blueline Continues To Feature Volvo Equipment 

In addition to BlueLine Rental’s expanding line of Volvo compact equipment – such as backhoe loaders, compact wheel loaders, compact excavators and compaction equipment – the rental centers carry a comprehensive line of essential equipment and tools for the construction, commercial, industrial and homeowner markets. The company focuses on daily, weekly and monthly rentals.


A Case of Not Knowing Your Potential Market

Renting your house, apartment, car, or anything, and then not keeping an eye on it can lead to some rather disastrous consequences, as a New York City resident recently learned.

Peer to peer rental sites like have become very popular in recent years because they provide benefits to both the renter and the rentee. That said, it still does not behoove the renter to just turn a blind eye on the rented item, as this March 17, 2014 story from the Daily Mail illustrates.

A New York comedian got an unwelcome shock on Friday when he discovered he had unwittingly rented out his apartment for an orgy.

Ari Teman advertised his Manhattan apartment on Airbnb and was contacted by a man named David who said he wanted a place for his family to stay while he attended a wedding in the city.

However, after handing over the keys to David during the afternoon, Teman realized he had forgotten a bag and went back to his apartment at 11.30 pm where he found the aftermath of an ‘XXX Freak Fest’ orgy that had taken place all over his home.

According to Teman, when he returned to his apartment building he saw David in the lobby and heard him saying, ‘they’re shutting us down.’

Asking David what that meant, Teman claims that that he look on in horror as the saw David total panic about his return.

Rushing to his apartment to see it in a state of disarray, he googled David’s telephone number to see what came up.
The orgy, which was billed online as a ‘BBW Panty Raid Party’ advertized a cellphone number which matched the one provided by David in his AirBNB profile.

Investigating further, Teman discovered the Twitter feed of @TWINN_GREEN, who was advertising a ‘XXX Freak Fest’ on Friday night…. continue reading here.


Exhibitor Space Sells Out for Third Straight Year

The 2014 Rental Show, sponsored by the American Rental Association, wrapped up at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. on February 12th.

Reflecting a healthy rental industry, exhibitor space sold out well in advance of the deadline for the third straight year. The show featured more than 675 exhibitors representing rental businesses in the construction/industrial, general tool/homeowner and party/special event sectors.

Featured products included generators, access equipment, pumps, drywall equipment, tools, lawn and garden equipment, software, furniture, games, dinnerware, centerpieces and more.

New Products and Special Deals Drive Attendance

In keeping with long standing tradition, many exhibitors debuted new products and innovations at The Rental Show. Over 170 show-only deals and special offers represented opportunities to save money on product purchases.

Rental businesses have done an outstanding job in educating both businesses and consumers alike to recognize the value and benefits of renting versus buying. The resulting increased demand for rental translates into a higher demand for equipment. Buyer-seller connections that occur at the annual exhibition have become a key part of the show’s success.

Further evidence of the health of the rental industry was reflected in the February 8th party/special event educational program billed as Events & Tents. The program sold out for the second year in a row despite seating being increased by 100 over the 2013 capacity.

Buyers Continue Momentum from 2013

Buyers, buoyed by more confidence in the equipment rental economy, helped many exhibitors at The Rental Show 2014 in Orlando, Fla. exceed expectations, building on last year’s positive experience in Las Vegas.

“It’s been a tremendous event for the industry in every facet,” said Christine Wehrman, CEO, American Rental Association (ARA), organizer of The Rental Show.

“The attitude, the outlook and the optimism only can mean a solid year of growth for the equipment rental industry. The ARA is very pleased to see….continue reading here.



Take a First Class Ski Vacation and Rent Everything You Need

Renting an awesome vacation property at a ski resort is certainly one of the most fun things you can do if skiing is your activity of choice. Did you know you can rent skis, snowboards and the accompanying equipment at your ski destination, too? Indeed you can.

It’s not only very convenient, it will save you money on airfare as well. Why lug all that equipment to and from the airport when you can rent it? Read more about that here. Most rental providers will deliver the goods to your destination and pick them up when you depart.

In honor of Renter’s Week, Curbed Ski searched the interwebs for the coolest looking ski-in/ski-out vacation rental. The result? This award-winning 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath Squaw Valley retreat that breathes fresh air into the tired tropes of ski home architecture. If ski access is your goal, this 6,427 square-foot property takes it to a whole new level with a prime location directly underneath the Squaw gondola. It also features a gorgeous six-foot fire place, salt water hot tub, sauna, and even warm rubber floors on the first floor so you don’t have to worry about your ski boots. Ability to drive large vehicles is a must as the rental comes with a 4x4 GMC Sierra truck, studded tires, and snow chains to get in and out during big storms. If all of that isn’t enough….continue reading and see the photos here.

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A Kentucky Real Estate License Opens Many Doors

Are you contemplating a real estate career in the State of Kentucky? When evaluating real estate as a career, most people think of the obvious career paths which require a real estate license including agents and brokers.

It’s interesting to note the variety of occupations which a real estate license can lead to beyond those mentioned above. The most notable ones include appraisers, closing agents, and loan officers or load originators.

But we’re not done just yet.  Other career options in the real estate field are perhaps not as apparent, yet just as viable. They include both full time and part time opportunities:

  • Property Management
  • Urban Planning
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Real Estate Teaching/Instruction
  • Home Inspection
  • Home Warranty Sales

There are many careers that are associated in some way with real estate. Real estate is a vibrant and significant part of the Kentucky economy which offers numerous opportunities for a successful and rewarding career.


Kentucky Real Estate College is the right place to pursue your real estate license education in Kentucky! Their Pre-License course provides the real estate training needed to become a realtor in Kentucky.

Kentucky Real Estate College courses are 100% online, enabling you to get your Kentucky real estate license without leaving the comfort of your home!

They are the premier online accredited school with the highest pass rate in Kentucky for first time state exam takers. The school is certified by Arello, IDEC, and the Kentucky Real Estate Commission. The Pre-License course is also approved by the Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Area for unemployment training!

The College is owned and operated by a multi-million dollar real estate sales producer and 20-plus year veteran of the real estate business, as well as the US Navy. Their Legal Content Consultant served as the General Counsel for the Kentucky Real Estate Commission for many years. She will be available to you via email to answer any questions you may have throughout the course!

If you pass their test, you’ll pass the state exam! They have developed an online test preparation course, pre-test, Law Cram course (License Recognition), and many online continuing education courses as well.

Visit their web site for further information by clicking here.


Hard to Believe, It Could Be You

According to an October 30, 2013 article from, America’s least favorite neighbors aren’t who you might think.

Someone living next door with barking dogs, unruly kids, uncut grass or a dozen overflowing garbage cans being rattled by a blaring sound system all come to mind. However, those are not the characteristics which accompany last place in the desirable neighbor derby.

Most Americans know their neighbors by name, new research finds, and might even invite them over occasionally for tea. That is, unless the neighbor is…… continue reading here.

"Somewhere in Kentucky" is a horror/suspense story made for - specifically for their "Tool Rental" category.

Check out if you need to rent a chainsaw.

Be careful running alone in the woods. You never know what’s behind that tree….

From Rent It Today’s YouTube Channel at

Happy Halloween!!


Consumers So Far Not Plugged In to Concept

According to an October, 14, 2013 post at, major car rental companies Hertz and Enterprise are not experiencing significant consumer demand for their electric car rentals.

Of course, that fact the rental car is a Nissan Leaf or a Chevy Volt may be part of the reason. Maybe when more exotic car rentals become available in the electric powered genre, consumer demand will see a spark.

Guess Nissan doesn’t have to worry about the Leaf becoming the ubiquitous rental car anytime soon. Leafs on lots across the country are gathering dust because even rental customers have range anxiety.

According to Bloomberg, people who come in to rent a Leaf from Enterprise are keeping it for an average of just 1.6 days, versus 6-7 days for a normal car rental. And apparently both Enterprise and Hertz have fallen behind on filling their fleets with as many EVs as they promised a couple years ago. Enterprise also planned to add up to 100 Coda sedans back in 2011, but you know what happened with that.

It turns out that getting people to rent an all-electric car in the same way they’d get an all-forgettable Altima for a week has proven….continue reading here.


Rentals Likely Will Follow the Trend

Rentals of tablet computers have risen in 2013, reflecting the general rise in the use of tablets. According to a story in the May 2013 issue of Wired Magazine, sales of tablets will outpace notebook computers for the first time in 2013. If current trends continue, it seems likely rental of these devices will also outpace the rental of notebooks in the not so distant future. Renting of electronic devices in general has become more popular, especially among business travelers and event planners.

The walloping the PC industry received in the first quarter of this year, down 14 percent according to IDC and the biggest decline since the research firm began tracking PC sales in 1994, was no fluke. IDC is now forecasting 2013 to be the second year in a row that overall PC sales will decline, by about 8 percent versus the 4 percent slide posted in 2012.

So the PC is doomed, but classic PC companies may not be.

In the place of the notebook in particular has arrived the tablet, which for the first time since Apple (or Microsoft if you are stickler for these things) launched the computing device to the masses will overtake the notebook computer in units shipped this year. IDC pegs the number of tablets that will ship in 2013 at just over 229 million. That compares to the 201 million “portable PCs” the firm expects to see ship this year. By 2015 IDC forecasts tablet shipments to outpace the entire PC market (portables and desktops combined), so somewhere north of 330 million machines shipped. “What started as a sign of tough economic times has quickly shifted to a change in the global computing paradigm with mobile being the primary benefactor,” says Ryan Reith, Program Manager for IDC’s Mobility Trackers.

Oh the horror, if you are Hewlett Packard, Dell, or Intel, those PC-reliant former tech stars, right?

Wrong. The decline of the PC is no different than the sun setting on mainframe computers when the microcomputer came along, or the end of the microcomputer when the PC ate its lunch. Yes, some companies like Burroughs, Univac, DEC and Wang failed to make their generation’s computing transition. But on the day that the death of the PC was all but declared, the share price of HP was up 2 percent. Intel was up 1 percent. Dell was basically flat.

The reason Wall Street is unimpressed by the end of the PC era is….continue reading here.

Forklift Rentals (by RentItToday)

"Forklift Rentals Video" at from Rent It Today. This material handling construction video shows forklifts, loaders with forklift attachments, and reach forklifts for rent hard at work handling materials.

The "forklift rentals" video is the third HD quality video produced for Rent It Today’s construction equipment rentals video series

Make Renting Construction Equipment Simple at

Recent Changes Affect Current Options, Including Rental

As their parents age many children take on the role of caregiver for one or both parents. The motivations for this are varied. For some, avoiding the expense of placing a parent into an assisted care facility or nursing home is the primary reason for taking on the responsibility. For others the opportunity to be a primary part of their parents care and not leaving that responsibility to a group of strangers is the driving force behind their decision to step into a caregiver role.

This writer is personally aware of friend whose family chose to trust the care of their father to an assisted care facility and was satisfied with the arrangement until one day a daughter visited him and found him lying helpless on the floor of his room, where he said he had been for a couple of hours.

Not long thereafter the family chose to take their father out of the facility and into the home of one of his children, where he remains today. They simply did not want to repeat the aforementioned incident if at all possible.

It is beneficial for caregivers as well as anyone looking after a senior with health challenges to know their options when it comes to home medical equipment.  A recent article from outlined current options for medical equipment under Medicare, including renting of such equipment.

Renting medical equipment offers many benefits. You can allow your parent to try before you buy, or test drive a potentially expensive piece of equipment to see if purchase is warranted.

In a recent Senior Care Corner Radio Show, we reported a news story about a durable medical equipment (sometimes referred to as DME) provider being fined for fraudulent Medicare claims for power scooters. While many who this provider gave no- or low-cost scooters paid for by Medicare that were not deemed eligible, there are many seniors who would benefit from using a scooter or other durable medical devices.

Medicare does cover the cost of medically necessary durable medical equipment such as power chair scooters and wheelchairs as well as many other items seniors need to maintain their functional abilities.

Medicare Part B covers durable medical equipment, including wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and other items prescribed by a doctor for use in your senior’s home.
This equipment may be purchased outright or rented. It must come from…continue story here.


Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, lists more than five dozen personalities whose obituaries were published prematurely. Someone may want to add Netflix to that list.

The impending death of the company, with its online system for renting DVDs delivered by mail, was predicted late in 2002, when Wal-Mart said it would enter the business; again last year, when Apple and Amazon announced movie-downloading services; and again last week, after the introduction of a series of products and services intended to bring Internet video to television sets.

Commercial Kitchen

With the explosion of Food Network and the increasing number of fads in the food industry (i.e. farm-to-table, gluten-free, organic, etc.) sweeping across America, many individuals are not only getting back into the kitchen, they’re getting creative. From cupcakes to small-batch ice cream to catered meals, experienced and amateur chefs are experiencing with new techniques and original recipes to carve out a niche or create the next food craze. Many times, these businesses begin as hobbies. The “chefs” start out making and baking in their homes using standard kitchen equipment.

In the past, those who experienced moderate success often outgrew their space and were forced to make major investments in commercial equipment if they ever hoped to expand. Without investors or an immediate access to capital, the business was unable to grow. Fortunately, the rising popularity of culinary arts has led to an increased number of shared commercial kitchens across the country.

Sharing is Caring

For as low as $25, small businesses can rent a licensed commercial kitchen stocked with high-end equipment to produce their product. Instead of worrying about paying rent or purchasing expensive equipment, the owners can do what they love and focus on growing their business. So how does one locate an available kitchen?

Space for Rent is an online resource dedicated to connecting those entrepreneurs looking for a commercial kitchen with owners with space available. A directory resource, lists available commercial kitchens by state and all listings can be accessed by site visitors. For those interested in listing a commercial kitchen, offers four affordable plans and a free 30-day trial. In addition, also offers several advertising opportunities on its webpage.

Ready to take your catering business to the next level or bring your unique creation to the masses? Visit today to find an available shared commercial kitchen in your area!

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